Ashes to Ashes.

David Bowie. The guy left behind a catalogue that is unparalleled. From 1967 right up until his death in 2016, he was constantly recording, releasing, collaborating, curating, acting and, most notably, reinventing. The guy had more incarnations than a hindu god. So many people fear change, but Bowie made it his jam and even wrote a song about it.

My first memory of David Bowie is being terrified by the music video of Ashes to Ashes as a toddler. It still freaks me out. Contrast that with my favorite image of him. Captured in his Plastic Soul Man phase and performing Golden Years on Soul Train before a totally black audience, who are just absolutely getting down to the tune. It's a sight to behold. There's no doubt, the dude had it. In spades.

And now, the one two punch that will seal his legend. A new surprise record and two days later, his surprise death. Again he had the world's head spinning. I covered fans gathering stunned outside his New York apartment, shooting as many were leaving him flowers, singing his tunes and lighting candles while still trying to comprehend the latest chapter that is Bowie, a guy always two steps ahead of us on planet earth.

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