Chris Chrystie plays ping pong not so badly.

The Superbowl has rolled into town (well, kinda, its in Jersey) and inconveniently for Chris Chrystie, Bridgegate is coinciding with it all. What should be the Gov's big moment is kinda becoming an awkward situation. He'd probably prefer to just stay the hell away from all us media types, but duty calls and he has to put on a brave face and do Superbowl press all week looooong and play the gracious host. Which makes him pretty low hanging fruit. A good distraction from all that scandal hoo-haa happened when I went to shoot him in Newark at a Boys and Girls club. Choosing not to take questions he instead put on his game face and played a 13 year old kid at ping pong. Chrystie won 3-2. Since that victory, things have rapidly gone downhill. I can imagine that once the BIG game is done, Chrystie will go straight from Metlife Staidum to Newark airport and take the next flight to anywhere not here.

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