Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Week.

These New York Fashion Weeks are a good indicator of how life speeds by. They happen here every six months, but lately it feels like there's been a few weeks between them. One will conclude, an assignment here, an assignment there and hey presto, I'm back on the media riser squashed between Italian photographers with giant leggy women striding toward me all serious faced.

But my god, it makes for great images. I'm pretty much given free reign to walk around backstage and roam the venue during rehearsals to get different angles of what will be the show. Plus, I'm constantly shooting people who are totally used to being photographed. You can be inches away as models are having make-up applied and they don't even flinch. There's no barrier. None of the "I don't photograph well" you can get in real life when you point a camera at someone. That doesn't exist in this world. Here's a selection from the shows I covered.

  • ak-2016-2-14-furstenberg047.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-13-monique153.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-13-monique316.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-15-browne051.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-15-browne696.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-13-herve045.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-14-furstenberg005.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-15-browne170.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-13-lacoste425.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-13-herve275.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-13-herve135.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-13-monique245.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-15-browne278.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-14-zoe301.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-15-browne1198.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-13-lacoste002.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-13-monique1142.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-11-red189.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-14-furstenberg342.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-14-furstenberg576.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-11-red687.jpg
  • ak-2016-2-14-beckham023.jpg