Fashion Week Portraits.

The portrait series I have been working on for a few years now every time New York Fashion Week comes around started as a kind of happy accident. In 2012 on my first experience with the event, I was covering the event and my assigning editor at Reuters asked one Friday night that if we could find the time, to do a portrait series over the weekend of attendees. The experienced Carlo Allegri, who quickly became a mentor for me that week, was editing beside me into Sunday night when he asked me how my portraits went. I froze. The weekend had been so busy that I had not even thought about it. In a panic I ran out of the tents into the Lincoln Center plaza to see what I could do. But the daylight was gone and all that was left was darkness. DAMN!!!!! Still, not wanting to concede defeat just yet I found subjects and tried to shoot them with my 50mm 1.2 wide open and ISO cranked. After a few attempts that were not even passable I found a group of people and convinced them to walk with me to the front of the Met Opera building so I could use the building's interior lights that fell out the large windows into the plaza. It looked much better! Then I saw a row of billboards about seven feet high. I stood then next to that and it was suddenly incredible!! The lights were perfect, they created an almost shadowless look and when I faced them the right way, the backdrop blurred due to my wide open lens. It almost looked studio. I was saved! I shot the series and it was well received. Now each Fashion Week, I return to my spot. I know my settings and all I need to do is wait for the right people to exit after a show and take them to "my studio." Its a great way to meet people. The attendees come from all over the world and are very happy to be part of it all. Plus, being fashionistas, they really know how to pose.

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