Flood Wall Street.

With the UN Climate Summit in town, the Occupy Wall Street movement gathered to protest those they say are a huge part of the blame for climate change, namely those on Wall Street. The idea was to wear blue and "Flood Wall Street" with a tide of people representing rising sea levels, one predicted outcome of the warming globe.

It had been a long while since I'd covered an Occupy action. It's very familiar territory for me. When I first moved to New York, it was the first major story I had a chance to really sink my teeth in to. It gave me the opportunity to really work and improve my skills against my new colleagues, some of who were globally respected photojournalists. I also developed a strong network in those first months of the protest, a lot whom I'm still in regular touch with. While it was nice to have a good day at work, it was equally as nice to see a lot of familiar faces. Many photographers, protesters and police officers have been crossing paths (whether they like it or not) for three years now due to this movement. We have a shared history and are all part of each others Occupy story, which for me is actually comforting in a way. My job can kind of feel like watching a freight train of people flying by. A long chain of faces coming and going. The ongoing story of Occupy is definitely something I feel a personal connection toward, a sense of community even.

Here are some photos from the Flood Wall Street action, which occurred Monday, September 22nd, 2014 in downtown Manhattan.

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