Jesus of the Bus Terminal.

Last week I was walking by one of my favorite spots in New York, The Port Authority Bus Terminal. To locals, my positive impression of this place might sound strange, as it's an establishment that is widely loathed. But to me it's a throwback. I hear stories of what New York was like well before I arrived here to enjoy it's bike lanes, cronuts and super high rents. As far as I can tell, the Port Authority is a remnant of that gritty period. I can dip in and walk around to hear hustlers yell while I watch overly cautious tourists hold their bags tightly as they scurry for the exits. Last week between assignments, I wondered by the 42nd street entrance and I spotted this man. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a tattoo crowning his shaved head. I could see it was a face and when I approached him and asked if he could show me, he lowered his head to reveal a scrappy tattoo of Jesus Christ. We chatted for a bit, his name was Tito Rivera, obviously a Christian and the tattoo had taken 1.5 hours to create. I don't usually pose people, however I felt this could make a unique portrait, perhaps more so of the tattoo than of Tito.

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