Midnight Storm in Montana.

When I told people I'd be heading to Montana, most people mentioned that the sky there is magical. Big sky during the day, a million stars at night. Around midnight I was driving down an empty road about an hour from Missoula and figured I'd pull the car over and see for myself. I killed the engine, switched off the lights and looked up. It was incredible. Im not sure I'd seen anything like it before that. I felt as if I could look through galaxies. I had my tripod with me so figured I'd try to see what I could capture. It was dark, so the exposure was 30 seconds, wide open lens and high ISO. First try I could see a frame full of stars. In the distant horizon I noticed faint flashes of lightening so I decided to point that way to try to get that too. This is what I captured. Faint fields in the foreground, lightning flashes, the clouds glowing yellow from city lights of the distant town of Butte and all crowned by the Milky Way. So yeah, I can ad my voice to the chorus. The sky is definitely magical in Montana.

  • storm3.jpg