New York Comic Con - Part 1. The Event.

New York Comic Con. A gigantic conference that attracts literally thousands of people, a massive number of which have gone to incredible lengths to dress as their favorite movie or comic character. Its the first thing you notice as soon as you get within a few blocks of the place. So many of the attendees are hard-core cos play. And I mean HARD-CORE. The costumes are astoundingly good, considering a large number are made by amateurs. Some of them even rate as jaw-dropping. And it's all housed in the Javits Centre. A place that couldn't be more monotone if it tried. The location is unmistakably multi-use convention centre. Just a giant, blank canvas of glass and concrete. It also hosts an auto show, a dental convention, an energy convention, a rug convention. I'm sure you know the type. Basically one step above a multi-level parking garage, as far as personality is concerned.

Seeing the Cos-play world exist in such a space is something to behold. I spent 99% of my time just shooting in and around the massive atrium area, where most of the attendees spend their down time and rest their super hero feet, before heading back into the maze of booths and displays to get their fix. Photo-wise, this is where the magic happens. People dressed as the fantastic (or downright evil) carrying out the unmistakably everyday, human tasks. Getting coffee, riding escalators, using the bathrooms. It's all in the contrast. The collision of fantasy and reality.

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