New York Comic Con - Part 2. The Portraits.

I'd seen way too many portrait series from Comic Con. So when my assigning editor asked me to do one"if I could" while I was there, I wanted to make sure I stayed away from every other style I'd seen shot in previous years. The dramatically lit full body portraits against a concrete wall. It looks great, but it had been done again and again.

Once at the event, I realized I was impressed by the people who had not only worn costumes, but also gone to great lengths on facial make up. I figured a feature on this would be interesting and also, unique. I found a nicely lit area in the Javits Center that also had good foot traffic and basically grabbed whoever caught my eye as they walked by. Within an hour I had a selection of more than twenty-five subjects. Here's a selection of my favorites.

  • ak-2015-10-8-comiccon1164.jpg
  • ak-2015-10-8-comiccon1016.jpg
  • ak-2015-10-8-comiccon1111.jpg
  • ak-2015-10-8-comiccon928.jpg
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  • ak-2015-10-8-comiccon795.jpg
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