New York Fashion Week.

Fashion Week in New York, I honestly LOVE covering it. It's non stop energy, it's designers, it's attendees, amazing clothing on beautiful people in perfect lighting all under one roof. There are so many images to be made that it becomes exhausting to keep up with it. Reuters has me cover it for them and I'm only too happy to oblige. I typically start backstage shooting the make-up and hair stylists frantically working on models to have them ready for show time while the designer is keeping an eye on things, greeting guests, speaking to media. Then I head to front of house and squeeze into a super packed photo pit with my colleagues and shoot the show. It's a huge gathering of photographers, local and international. It's a great time for us all to catch up. I look forward to that part of it immensely. You can see my coverage of Fashion Week on my website here:

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