New York Fashion Week (spring/summer) 2017 (in 2016).

I was all over town again shooting the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer shows this year. Since the event was booted from the Lincoln Center it has spread across the city. With the beautiful September weather it's a delight to be outside going from show to show in the different spaces that designers are renting and decking out for a presentation. Still, I prefer the candid backstage/rehearsal stuff to the show itself every time. There's great energy backstage as all the finishing touches are put on and designers get ready to release their creations out into the world. It's excellent to shoot. Here's a selection of images from the week.

  • ak-2016-9-8-palette403.jpg
  • ak-2016-9-8-palette306.jpg
  • ak-2016-9-8-palette411.jpg
  • ak-2016-9-9-tommy1311.jpg
  • ak-2016-9-8-palette962.jpg
  • ak-2016-9-9-tommy1445.jpg
  • ak-2016-9-9-tommy1104.jpg
  • ak-2016-9-8-palette251.jpg
  • ak-2016-9-10-maison703.jpg
  • ak-2016-9-15-jacobs089.jpg
  • ak-2016-9-8-palette727.jpg
  • ak-2016-9-10-maison550.jpg
  • ak-2016-9-15-jacobs144.jpg
  • ak-2016-9-13-burch146.jpg