Presidential Election 2016 - Part 1 - To the Races.

It was almost a relief when November 8, 2016 finally arrived. For over a year, a massive field of candidates had constantly appeared in print and on screens, in our faces every day. They traded barbs, switched allegiances and one-by-one dropped out until there were just two. Hilary Clinton versus Donald Trump in the battle royale. Early polls had Clinton expected to take victoryand become the first female president of the United States. A large voter base of latinos was presumed to help her get over the line and take the crown. Given this, I was assigned to start shooting in Spanish Harlem as soon as polls opened at 6am. Spanish Harlem, is, as it sounds, an area of Harlem that has a huge hispanic population. We figured the images would tell the story of this election but as the hispanic demographic was projected to grow, it would also tell the story of future elections. This was the modern America.

I rolled around from high polling station to polling station, making frames of people filling ballots before they went off to begin their day. There was a sense of urgency in the neighborhood as much of Donald Trump's rhetoric leading up to the election was focused on tiugher immigration laws, particularly focusing on immigrants from anywhere south of the border.

I shot for most of the morning then made my way downtown, dropping by Trump Tower to see what the scene was like there. All that greeted me was a line of sanitation trucks filled with sand to act as a ramming barrier in the tower's main entrance. The irony of a wall around Trump Tower made me laugh, given Trump's trademark campaign promise to build another wall along the border, keeping people like those in Spanish Harlem out of the country.

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