Rest in Peace. (cough, cough)

Mt Zion Cemetery in Queens. It's one of my favorite scenes in New York. Decaying tombstones, clustered tightly at the foot of a giant, rusted, Soviet looking factory.

It flashes into view between overpasses as you head west on the Queens Midtown Expressway. Since the first time I laid eyes on it, I always anticipate that part of the journey. But after numerous attempts to make time (or the cab) slow down so I can enjoy it for an extra second, I decided just to take make the subway journey and long walk to sit and enjoy the view for as long as I pleased.

I arrived just before sunset, found a perch and then sat alone for an hour taking it all in. The scene slid from vibrant orange, into dusky blue and then disappeared into the night right before my eyes. Time well spent.

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