Steve Keene.

I first encountered Steve Keene's work about 10 years ago. My housemate, Amy, received a package in the mail and opened it to reveal a crudely painted copy of The Beatles Abbey Road album cover. She informed me that there was a guy in New York selling his original paintings online. His key was to mass produce and sell cheaper than regular painters would sell their work, likening his paintings more to CD's. Anyway, fast forward a decade and he's still at it. Each day, Steve lines up racks of blank canvases and paints pictures on them all. He continues to sell them the way he did back when we first crossed paths and since has gone on to become (reportedly) the most collected artist in history. When I dropped by his studio for the Wall Street Journal, he was at it and instructed me to basically move around him as he worked. He couldn't stop. The guy was in the zone. So I did. It was a sight to behold. I just stayed out of his way and photographed him work on fifty paintings in an hour.

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