Trump Campaigns in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

I took the Metro-North rail up to Bridgeport in Connecticut to cover a campaign rally for Donald Trump. I've actually not really covered so much of this election, but have been absolutely fascinated from afar. It doesn't feel like any campaign I've seen before. I was happy to get to go out and see Trump and his voter segment in person. He's unlike any candidate I've seen in any election anywhere, and definitely bringing out sentiments in voters I've not experienced in any election I've witnessed. I arrived early just to try and get a chance to speak to his supporters as they waited in line and see what they were all about. I was curious to chat with those he appealed to and try get my head around it all. Most of the time people were really nice and very excited to get to see their guy in the flesh. "Make America Great Again" hats were everywhere.

Once the event kicked off, I shot from the media pen that we all hear so much about. Trump got cheers every time he said "wall" or "lyin' Ted" and protesters interrupted the event. It was just like on TV. Which considering what Trump came from, makes sense. He even pointed the gathered media out and slammed us all. It seemed harsh as in the next sentence he went on and on about how Time magazine was calling his scene "a movement" and seemed pretty proud of that validation.

As I exited, there was definitely a different tone coming my way. Nothing threatening, but after Don listed us media folk as one of his enemies in his speech, the total approachability I'd encountered of supporters before the event was gone. Some patrons waved Trump signs in my face, some sneered. I was a bit "what the hell?" but whatevs. Here's some photos.

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